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Interview with a Youtuber :Reading Time with CJ

I have someone interesting for you to meet. I met CJ through her fabulous Youtube channel, Reading time with CJ. The thing that caught my eyes is how relatable and connected she is to children. The journey you and your kids will take when she read out the story.

1) 1-3 things we should know about you?  I have 4 kids. My nationality is Sinhala from Sri-Lanka and I was born in Canada. I am also fluent in the French language.   2- Why did you start a YouTube channel? I take reading very seriously in the sense that books open so many doors for children. My goal is to expose children to as many books as possible through my readings. I have four kids of my own so I take them as an example and their input into my readings all the time.

I'm passionate about children's literature and love reading books to kids. I want to make stories come alive for the young ones! You can use my videos as a supplement to your family reading time. Together we can instill a love of learning and teach the joy that books can bring! 3- What is your favorite thing about doing this? There are so many different books to explore. Now that I am reading books on my channel, I come to discover so many new books by wonderful authors/illustrators /publishers!

It is truly amazing to see the increase in creation of diversity, inclusivity and teaching books, which are so wonderful! 4-What is the best comment you've ever received? “I love how you present the books and the clarity of your voice!” 5) How much time do you spend on Youtube everyday? It’s a passion of mine to constantly improve my read aloud youtube channel for the children, so some, days. It can be quite a while! 6) Does your family/friends support you in making videos? They fully support me. My 4 children are my inspiration to start my Youtube read aloud channel in the first place.

7) Why should we subscribe to your Youtube?    I post videos twice a week and my schedule is consistent. My read alouds are colorful and the presentation of the books are of excellent quality.

I am always trying my best to include diverse and inclusive books as well as teaching books. I receive many positive comments on the daily and this positivity is what drives my passion! I will be soon adding read alouds in French on my channel, so please stay tuned! CHECK OUT 😊Instagram 👉🏽@reading_time_with_cj   😊Twitter 👉🏽@TimwCj 😊Tik Tok 👉🏽@readingtimewithcj  

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