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Lisa Wee debuts as author/illustrator of Li-na Is My Name, to be published in 2022 by Dixi Books Publishing, UK. Her other published work is a comic story - Sokoro’s Dream for Mighty Kind magazine, Fall issue, 2021. Lisa has illustrated several picture books for prominent publishers and self-published authors. Her quaint, quirky and vibrant illustrations are inclusive, embracing diversity in celebrating the lives of children from all walks of life, whether they come from adopted families, same-gender families or blended families. 

Her most recent work is with 
1) Babybug magazine for January 2022 issue depicting Asian American brother and sister.
2) Ladybug magazine, Fall 2021 issue, illustrating diverse and inclusive children for a 1708 nursery song. 
3) World Vision’s campaign to prevent early marriages. Illustrating 10 stories about empowered girls from around the world for a chapter book to be translated into English, French and Chinese.


These collaborations have been successful, given her understanding of the importance of deadlines and communication. She is the winner of the CYA All Stars Illustration Award 2021, judged by editors and designers from Scholastic Australia. Furthermore, she was awarded the Bronze for the JIA (Japan Illustrators’ Association) Illustration Award 2020. 


Her clients
World Vision
Babybug magazine
Ladybug magazine
Mighty Kind magazine
ABV publishing
Charm Joy Der, DEI media club founder
Dr Shan Liu, grand-daughter of the late Dr Wu Lien-teh, a Nobel nominee for his work fighting against the Manchuria plague. 
Pamela Jane, Writer for The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post
Holly Bonner, Visually challenged Reverent, speaker and author

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Your vision for the book is unbelievable. I am just in awe of some of the things you came up with. The dog mapping of walking through the house and hangers in the closet. It is truly magical.

Holly Bonner - Author of Blind mom monster detective

Thank you for sharing these with us - they look great!

Campaign for International day of the Girl- World Vision

The colours on this are so vibrant and beautiful

- Sokoro's dream, Comic story 

Nadine Fonseca, Co=Founder/CEO Mighty Kind Magazine

Everyone loves your enchanting artwork! The colors are wonderful. Our readers will love looking at the happy children and all the details. Thank you, Lisa, for a GREAT job on this project!!

- Sue Beck, Art Director, Babybug and Ladybug magazine

Today was another special day when illustrator, Lisa Wee sent me the progress illustrations. I'm still blown away. BLOWN AWAY. Lisa..words cannot express how you're bringing print to life" 

Talia Madden, Author, Teacher, The colors they shared picture book

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