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Storytelling remains a journey that fills me with joy. Seeing how diversity and inclusivity come alive on the pages makes my journey as an illustrator truly rewarding.

My inspiration

As I marveled at the sunrise and the view from the peak I usually hike to, my addled mind calmed. Re-energized, I knew that I could cope with the life that waited for me upon my return. 

It was almost 4 years ago that I learned how important it is for me to carve out time to escape by hiking. Being outdoors inspires me, and the beauty of my surroundings combined with physical exertion helps me think broadly and distill my ideas.

me on a hike in Johor Bharu

I was born in a tiny island called Penang and growing up, I would spent my days day dreaming. Having a vivid imagination kept me busy. 

Then I studied in Singapore to be a nurse. It was challenging yet it was meaningful work. Unfortunately it was not engaging for me.

I was given the opportunity to work in Kenya. During this period, my passion for art led me back to university to study illustration. 

My illustrations were inspired by my international and Kenyan art students. Seeing all of them on one table showed me that diversity and inclusivity matters. 



Japan Illustrator Association Bronze Award 2021

CYA Star First Place with Australian Scholastic Editor and Designer as judges, 2021

Purple Dragonfly Book Honorary Award for Li Na is my name, Debut Author, 2022

SCBWI Draw This, January Illustrator winner, 2022


Kristen Kish
Mighty Kind
World Vision
Ladybug magazine
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Tool of the mind
MIT Kids press
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