About me

Being a Peranakan

My world is one of hybrid - a blend of two very different worlds - Chinese and Malay. This is the biggest reason why I love developing characters. The following projects show some of the process I choose to take. Storytelling remains a journey that fills me with joy. Seeing how diversity and inclusivity come alive on the pages makes my journey as an illustrator truly rewarding.

Tool of The Minds -

Brief is to create 10 illustrations depicting the numerous ways Egyptians transport their goods to the market


Storymix, UK

I was privileged to work with Storymix, UK. They are experts in creating children's stories that put kids of colour in the centre of narratives filled with joy and adventure. Representation matters to them and me. 

For me it was the challenge in bringing out the uniqueness of each character.

International Day of the Girl.

with World Vision.

I was privileged to work on this project. Illustrating 10 different girls from 3 different continents. All with unique characteristic and cultures. 

Throughout the project, I wanted to ensure the girls' passion were highlighted. Adding cultural and patterns enhance their identity as an individual with their uniqueness yet remain within a community. 

World Vision India
World Vision Zimbabwean